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Cowplop Winners

Cowplop Winners - 2017

Congrats to each of the following winners for our Cowplop Fundraiser.  Thanks to all who participated as well as those selling deeds.

Grand Prize Winners-$750.00 each and sellers $50.00 each

  • Daria Harrell sold by Shannyn Corey 
  • Michelle Mishock sold by Zach Mishock

1st NEIGHBORING WINERS-$75.00 each for the winners

  • Deb Shaw sold by Gavin Walker
  • John and Christine Yeager sold by Jackson Yeager
  • Alex Leib sold by Abigail Leib
  • Hapsatu Pendergast sold by Mason Griffiths
  • Andrew Gomer sold by Mason Griffiths
  • Kristie Poulson sold by Tyler Poulson
  • Melissa Sherry sold by Max Sherry
  • Joanne Chiodo sold by Jordan Chiodo
  • Kristi Eddinger sold by Jared Walsky
  • Steve MacNichol sold by Alec McNichol
  • Heidi Reiss Tait sold by CharlotteTait
  • Juliann Mallo sold by Cam Mallo
  • Bernadette Sparling sold by Issac Sparling
  • Deborah Goodling sold by Cameron Paisley
  • Todd McKinney sold by Morgan McKinney
  • Gary Kahudic sold by Jake Kahudic

2nd NEIGHBORING WINNERS-$25.00 each for the winners

  • Boyd Welker sold by Gavin Welker
  • Janine Greco sold by Janine Greco
  • Vincent Rossi sold by Anthony Rossi
  • Steve Wilcher sold by Colin Wilcher
  • Sharon Ott sold by John Ott
  • Melissa Rutz sold by Matthew Rutz
  • Brett Stengel sold by Gavin Stengel
  • Robin Lynn sold by Matty Lynn
  • Robin Lynn sold by Matty Lynn
  • Dave Carpani sold by Kyle Bearoff
  • Theo Lambert sold Jake Lambert
  • Matt Moyer sold by Nick Moyer
  • Meagan Constanzer sold by Barrett Gehman
  • Valerie sold by John Ott
  • Jason Detwiler sold by Tyler Hane
  • Joel Detwiler sold by Tyler Hane
  • Rich Griffiths sold by Mason Griffiths
  • Maddie Paisley sold by Cameron Paisley
  • Mary Johanson sold by Nathan Johanson
  • Kurt Maurer sold by Jacob Edelstein
  • Stephen Kessler sold by Jacob Kessler
  • Jack Strouse sold by Blake Witcraft
  • Judy McCourry sold by Olivia McCourry
  • Therese Beck sold by Carter Schmidt
  • Emelie  Albr echt sold by Zara Albrecht
  • Avery Taylor sold by Chewie Taylor
  • Lil Berger sold by Jacob Edelstein
  • Tammy Baumeister sold by Aidan Baumeister
  • Bryn Ellis sold by Jacob Edelstein
  • Judy Henninger sold by John Ott
  • Stewart Hughes Sr. sold by Michael Hughes
  • Bob McCreary sold by Cole McCreary

2017 Team and Individual Winners

TOP 3 SELLING TEAMS get pizza Parties

  • Orioles baseball majors sold 108
  • Phillies baseball majors sold 70
  • Cubs baseball majors sold 68


  • Tyler Hane -Orioles-majors sold 50-$75.00
  • Jason Proietto Cubs majors sold 43-$50.00
  • Morgan McKinney Orioles sold 40-$50.00
  • Tyler Poulson -Orioles sold 38-$25.00