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CP Spring Refunds

CP Refund Approach - Spring Registration 2020

Spring Registration Refunds:

Given the spring season shift in timing, we wanted to share what the plans are for refunds today.  For anyone that would like to opt out (+ Connie Mack Spring) of the revised season timeline, we are offering one of 2 choices to be completed on the Google Form below:

  • Inactivate your spring registration and donate your baseball/softball fees back to the league
  • Inactivate your spring registration and receive a 65% refund of your baseball/softball fees (no raffle tickets) via check back

The league unfortunately is not in a position where 100% can be refunded to everyone without bankrupting the league.  Outlined on this page are the sunk costs incurred in Jan-Feb to get ready for the season, ahead of pandemic spread into PA, as well as the ongoing bare minimum maintenance costs for the complex thru end of 2020.  Being a non-profit, we are not able to keep a large cash reserve, which limits our reserve for situations like this.

What action do I need to take if I want a refund?

For anyone wanting to opt out of spring baseball, we require you to complete information on our Google Form to indicate your intended refund decision (donate or receive a check).  

We need everyone to complete their intention by Friday May 22nd so we can track responses. 

Not responding means you are still in for the spring season for non-Connie Mack players, which helps us reset teams if required.  Not responding for Connie Mack means you are intending to donate your refund back to the league.

What if I still want to play??

Spring Ball:  For anyone who would like to try and get the season in, please still reply on the form and indicate still intending to play.  Our last chance to start date is currently projected to be around July 1st, resulting in a July-August season. 

Connie Mack Summer is still intending to play this summer, assuming government regulations allow.  Bux-Mont will be making a call closer to mid-June on path forward - should the season not start, we will handle refunds around July 1.  Connie Mack Spring registrants CAN roll their spring registration to summer and pay the delta ($75) for the summer season if desired.  If you already signed up for summer, and we can play, your spring registration will be refunded less $10 for credit card fees since there will only be 1 season not 2 as in a typical year.

We will have a second refund window closer to July should the league not be able to start up.

Raffle Tickets

The league is still going to run a raffle for 2020, and the spring raffle fees for $20/player are not refundable.  The raffle will be electronic this year, conducted on Monday June 1st at 730 PM.  We will share how to watch live in the near future!

How did we arrive at 65%

In order to get ready for a normal season start, there are costs incurred in January & February in order to begin in March & April.  Specific sunk costs include over $34,000 for season start-up plus an additional $10,000 in ongoing maintenance costs regardless if there's a season.  The league has done everything possible to minimize these costs to maximize the refund potential.

Contact Info

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to  A board member will be in touch as soon as possible to respond to your inquiry.

CP Refund Mailbox

Where did the 2020 registration fees go?