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CP 2020 Restart

CP is restarting the week of June 15th

First off, we want to thank everyone for staying with us during these unprecedented times.  We received the good news that practices can begin the week of June 15th (no practices before hand).  Games will begin when the region goes green, with our tentative plans being the week of July 6th - we will modify as required.

In order to safely restart, all families should review the restart procedures on this page.  In order to play, all families need to sign the below waiver before the player can practice.

This year will introduce a new role of a Safety Coordinator for each team.  This person will ensure the safety procedures are followed during games and practices by the players & coaches.  Each team needs to have one in order to practice or play.  Please reach out to your coach if interested

Link to CP Safety Waiver

All families need to review and sign the linked waiver electronically prior to the first practice.

CP Retart Procedures

Below are the safety procedures required for CP to restart the 2020 season safely.  All parents should review and familiarize themselves for both practices and games.

2020 Registration is NOW WAITING LIST

We finished our limited timeframe for anyone new interested in signing up for a July/August season.  Divisions have varying number of open slots, so please sign up early if interested.

Please please email if you wish to be added to the waiting list.  Certain divisions maybe to take 1-2 more, so please inquiire!

Non Connie Mack Baseball & All Softball

Use this link to register for all Baseball 12 and under as well as all softball levels.

Connie Mack Baseball

Use this link for Connie Mack ages 13-16. Connie Mack seniors are waiting list currently. All other baseball should use the link above.

2020 Refund Policy

For this modified season, the following rules take affect:

  • Once practices start June 15th, there will be no refunds for the ball ahead.  At that point, the league will have taken the necessary steps and taken on the costs for a normal season so all sales are final.
  • For anyone currently signed up and indicated waiting to play, should you wish to opt out and not sign our waiver, you will need to notify the league by Saturday June 13th.  The spring refund rate of 65% will apply (90% for summer Connie Mack)

Please note:  this overrides the normal CP refund policy and is effective June 8, 2020 for the July/August season.