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Snack Stand Information

Dibs, Dibs, Dibs

We Need your help, Please sign up

Concession Cash is Here!!!

To replace team order this year we are introducing concession cash.  $1.00 certificates can be purchased at both concession stands for use all year at snack stands.  Buy $10.00 worth of certificates and get 2 free.


Snack stands are really important to helping raise funds for Central Perk.  In 2016, there will be a new way to arrange coverage for the Snack stands to ensure all are manned for the rec season.  Please visit the Dibs tab to sign up for volunteer positions.  Also we are looking for a few volunteers to serve a supervisors in the snack stands  All volunteer positions will fulfill your obligation to receive a refund of the $25.00 snack stand fee.

If you are interested in helping out, have any questions or comments, or know of any vendors who could help the cause feel free to contact Jason Detwiler at

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