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Spring Registration

Welcome to the CP Registration Process - Spring 2020

2020 Spring Registration is now OPEN!!  Be sure to sign up by January 31st to secure your spot and avoid late fees!  Please email if you have any question prior about the upcoming season.

Baseball Choices (all ages as of May 1st):

Connie Mack has a Fall option targeted for ages 13-16, playing MLB rules on a 60/90 foot field.

Baseball Majors is targeted for ages 11 and 12.  This is a 50/70 field (50' mound, 70' bases) with close to MLB rules - leads, steals, pitching out of the stretch, etc.

Baseball Minors is targeted for ages 9 and 10.  This is a 46/60 field introducing the kids to steals (when balls cross the plate), 9 players in the field.

Baseball Rookie is targeted for ages 7 and 8.  This is close to a 46/60 field, introducing kid pitching.

Baseball Pony is targeted for ages 6 and 7.  This is a smaller field, introducing the kids to coach pitch.

Baseball Quick Ball is targeted for ages 4 and 5.  This is a replacement for the traditional T-Ball entry, providing a faster game with fun contests built in.

Softball Choices: (softball divisions are based on the players softball age, not their actual age)

Seniors targets girls at the U14 and U16 level, often playing teams outside of CP.  Must be 13 years old as of Jan 1, 2020 thru 16 years of age as of Dec 31, 2019 

Majors targets girls at the U12 level, often playing teams outside of CP. Must be 11 years old as of Jan 1, 2020 thru 12 years of age as of Dec 31, 2019

Minors targets girls at the U10 level. Must be 9 years old as of Jan 1, 2020 thru 10 years of age as of Dec 31, 2019

Rookie targets girls at the U8 level.  Must be 7 years old as of Jan 1, 2020 thru 8 years of age as of Dec 31, 2019.  Note:  girls who have 1-2 years of Quick Ball/T-Ball experience can move up to Rookie if ready.

Quick Ball (combined with the boys division) targets girls at the U6 level. Must be 4 years old as of Jan 1, 2020 thru 6 years of age as of Dec 31, 2019. 

6 year girls have the option of repeating Quick Ball, playing Baseball Pony, or playing up on Softball Rookie.

2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

Registration for Sponsorship Opportunities is now open.   We have greatly simplified our opportunities again for 2020, with each business/person registration at minimum getting their name on a team's jerseys. 

On the sponsors page of the registration is a complex listing of the opportunities, but opportunities include Team, Outfield Sign, Preferred Sign location, Scoreboard advertising, and Snack Bar naming.

Sponsorships will be accepted until March 1st!!

To become a Sponsor, please click HERE.

2020 Snack Bar Policy

For the 2020 season, we will be changing the way the snack bar is covered by our volunteers.  Teams will be assigned shifts, with the expectation to have 2-3 individuals cover the shift.  Each team will cover at minimum 1 weeknight and 1 Saturday shift during the rec season.  The exact amount of shift coverages per team will be determined once we know the number of registrants.  

For registration, there will not be a snack bar fee collected nor will shift coverage be reimbursed.  

Refund Policy - Effective July 1 2019

Below is the CP refund policy effective starting with Fall Ball 2019.  

1.  Should you request a refund prior to uniforms being ordered for the spring and fall seasons, CP will offer a full refund.

2.  Should you request a refund after uniforms are ordered but before 1st games of the season start for any level, CP will refund 1/2 of the baseball and softball fee + full refund of any raffle tickets.

3.  Should you request a refund after 1st games start for any level, there will be no refund

4.  The Sportngin league management software that CP uses may offer insurance which you can purchase at an additional cost.  If you have purchased that insurance, then all claims must go thru their carrier and CP will not refund any monies.  CP is not affiliated with any 3rd party insurance that Sportngin may offer.

Please note:  any refunds will be processed back to the payment source at time of registration.